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Richard Morgan of Bicknor (1810-1861)

Richard Morgan was born at Bicknor in the Forest of Dean in 1810/11.

We know that he married a Llangibby girl, Mary - and it was most likely Mary Edwards, since this would have been the right sort of timescale - a marriage is noted between Richard Morgan and a Mary Edwards on 3rd August 1834 at Llangibby. I have not confirmed this via original sources, so please check the Llangibby parish records directly if interested in this family!

It appears that Richard and Mary were living in Glascoed soon after their marriage, since all of their children are noted as having been born in the hamlet. The first of these was James, who was baptised at Llangibby Parish Church on 14th Feb 1836. The other children that we know of were Mary (b 1838), Maria (1841), Ann (1843), Sarah (1845), William (1850) and Henry (1854). Census returns tell us that Maria was blind - noted from 1851 onwards. Sarah and William were both baptised at Usk on 4th July 1850. Henry was baptised at Usk on 7th May 1854.

Richard was an agricultural labourer at the time of the 1841 census. In the later censuses, his occupation was noted as a wood collier. I believe that at this time, Richard was probably renting a field owned by Roger Williams.

Their residences were noted on the census as Twyn (1841)“None name” (1851) and Tonbolth (1861). Since only two “Tonbolth” residences were noted on the 1861 census and only one in 1851, it is fairly safe to assume that they lived in the same house right through this period - since “None name” was the next door house on the census return to Tonbolth in 1851.

1861 was a tragic year for the Morgan family. Richard died at the age of 51 and was buried on 20th November at Monkswood. On 31st December, we note the burial of two of Richard and Mary’s children - James (aged 24) and Sarah (aged 14). It makes you wonder what could have led to the death of two siblings on the same date - an illness or accident? If somebody finds this out, I would be fascinated to know.

Mary (Richard’s widow) continued to live at Glascoed until her death. She was living at “Ton” - the shortened version of Tonbolth - with her son Henry (a 17 yr old agricultural labourer) in 1871. Mary was noted to be a pauper at this census. She was still at Ton in 1881 now living with her daughter, Maria, who was blind. Mary died in October 1885 and was buried at Monkswood on 26th October 1885.

Richard and Mary’s daughter Mary Morgan, married a Mr Jones and moved to Bedwellty parish by 1867 - they had a son, Phillip Jones who was born there in that year.


Census records: 18411851186118711881

Baptism records: James (1836), Sarah and William (1850), Henry (1854).

Burial records at Monkswood: Richard (1861)James and Sarah (1861), Mary (1885).

Thanks to David Kennedy for the some of the above information.