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1871 Census “Strays”

These are Glascoed people in other parishes mainly after they had left Glascoed, or in some cases before they had settled in the hamlet.

I’m sure that there must be other “Strays” that I haven’t managed to trace, often due to indexing or transcription errors by others on the pay census sites. I have left research notes on the page for myself to double-check whether there could be more individuals from these families on preceding or subsequent frames.

Later versions of this will also include a more thorough linking of individuals to their places of residence at Glascoed and/or families that they are linked to.

Hoping this will be of help. If you would like me to revisit the original scripts to check a detail, please contact me.

House Name Surname Rel to Head Mar status Age m Age F Occupation Place of Birth County of birth Blind, deaf etc Reference

Charles and Abigail Lanworne. Parents of Esther later of Upper Twyn, who married Wm Wms. RG10/5338/62/1

 Upper Prescoed (2), Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 Charles Lanworne Head Mar 82 Labourer Wonastow Mon

 Abigale Lanworne Wife Mar 74 - Llansoy Mon

James Lewis c 1840, lodger at Abersychan RG10/5333/43/22

 Union Street, Snatchwood, Abersychan, Monmouthshire

 George Oliver Head Mar 32 Draper Scotland

 Mary Ann Oliver Wife Mar 28 Pontypool Monmouth

 Alexander E? Oliver Son 5 mo Abersychan Monmouth

 Hieba (Hilda?) Steward Serv 20 Domestic Servant Talywain Monmouth

 Alexander Robertson Lodger Unm 26 Lab in Iron Works Raglan Monmouth

 Evan Thomas Lodger Unm 46 Carpenter Bristol Gloucester

 George Martin Lodger Mar 60 Coal-miner Shepton Mallet Gloucester

 James Lewis Lodger Unm 30 Haulier Glascoed Monmouth

Jane, Maryann and Ellen Lewis. Daughters of widowed Patience Lewis at Lower Llanfrechva RG10/5333/77/3

 Pontheer, Llanvrechva Lower, Monmouthshire

 Patiens Lewis Head W 58 Penallt Mon

 Jane Lewis Daur Unm 21 Duster? Glascoide Mon

 Mary Ann Lewis Daur Unm 19 Duster? Glascoide Mon

 Ellin Lewis Daur Unm 15 Duster? Glascoide Mon

Thomas Matthews c 1859 with family at Llangibby RG10/5337/7/7 & 8

 Tynicaia Farm, Llangibby, Monmouthshire

 John Matthews Head Mar 52 Agricultural Labourer Llangibby Mon

 Mary Matthews Wife Mar 46 Panteg Mon

 William Matthews Son Unm 16 Agricultural Labourer Panteg Mon

 Thomas Matthews Son 11 Scholar Glascoed Mon

 Phillip Matthews Son 6 Son of Thos Matthews Llangibby Mon

 Laura Matthews Daur 2 Llangibby Mon

 Caroline Matthews Daur 4 Mo Llangibby Mon

Charles Meredith c 1855 servant at Goytrey RG10/5338/?/6


 Emma Daur 3 Llanellen Monmouthshire

 George Watkins Servt Unmr 17 Farm Servant Goytre Monmouthshire

 Charles Meredith Servt Unmr 15 Farm Servant Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Sarah Ann Jacob servt Unmr 20 Farm Servant Llanover Lower Monmouthshire

Alexander Wynter Blyth with wife Anne Elizabeth Morgan of Hill Farm with family in Worcester. RG10/3049/?/10

 4 Sansome Place, St. Nicholas Parish, Worcester

 Alexander Wynter Blyth Head Mar 28 M.R.C.S. Land? & Lab (Practising as a Surgeon) Wolwich Kent

  Anne Elizabeth Blyth Wife Mar 26 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Anne Julia Blyth Daur 5 Scholar Tenbury Worcestershire

 Rosa Blyth Daur 4 Tenbury Worcestershire

  Alexander Stuart Blyth Son 1 London

  Fanny Nervale serv Unm 17 General Servt London

Hill Farm Morgans: Mary Morgan nee Arthur, Arthur Morgan c 1845 Mary Rowlands c 1850 and Thos Wms RG10/5335/?/8

 Elm Villa, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 Mary Morgan Head Widow 55 Calciot Mon

 Mary S. Rowlands Daur Mar 28 Glascoed Mon

 James Rowlands Grandson 1 Mamhilad Mon

 Arthur Morgan Son Unm 25 Machine agent Glascoed Mon

Francis Morgan and family at Prescoed. RG10/5338/62/1

 Upper Prescoed, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 Francis Morgan Head Mar 51 Mason Llanbaddock Mon

 Johanna Morgan Wife Mar 30 Llanhennock Mon

 James Morgan son unm 15 Scholar Llanbaddock Mon

 William Morgan son unm 13 Scholar Llanbaddock Mon

Jane Frances Morgan of Hill Farm at Bettws Newydd with Aunties surname Arthur. Next door to James Arthur c 1804

 Brooks, Bettws Newydd, Monmouthshire

 Ann Arthur Head Unm 56 Retired Ifton Hill Monmouth

 Fanny Arthur Sister Unm 54 Retired Ifton Hill Monmouth

 J.F. Morgan Niece Unm 23 Retired (a mistake?)Glascoed Monmouth

John Arthur Morgan c 1833 of Hill Farm with wife Martha and family at Mamhilad. RG10/5335/100/11

 Lower House, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 John Morgan Head Mar 37 Farmer 61 acres 1 Man. Glascoed Mon

 Martha Morgan Wife Mar 36 Farmers Daur St. Leonards Hereford

 John H (or A) Morgan Son 4 Farmers son Mamhilad Mon

 Eliza A Morgan Daug 3 Farmers Daur Mamhilad Mon

 Martha E Morgan Daug 2 Mamhilad Mon

 Margaret Morgan Daug 1 Mamhilad Mon

 Clara Morgan Daug 3 mo Mamhilad Mon

 Job Thomas Serv Unm 26 Agr Lab Mamhilad Mon

 Hannah Williams Gen. Serv. Unm 25 Domestic Serv Usk Mon

 Mary Jenkins Nurse 18 Nurse Gowelog Mon

Mary Ann Morgan, mother of Eliza, the wife of Richd Reece of Lower Wernhir and Bryn farm RG10/5302/?/2

 Fforest Coed, Tregare, Monmouthshire

 Mary Morgan Head W 47 Farmer Bryngwyn Mon

 William Morgan Son Un 27 Farmers Son Gwelog Mon

 Benjamin Morgan Son Un 21 Farmers Son Gwelog Mon

Thomas Morgan c 1823 wife Emma and family at Panteg RG10/5336/?/28

 Upper Cwm, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Morgan Head Mar 47 Ag Lab Glascoed Monmouth

 Emma Morgan Wife Mar 38 Goytre Monmouth

 Henry Morgan Son 14 Labr at Lime Kilns Llanellen Monmouth

 Ann Morgan Daur 12 Scholar Llanellen Monmouth

William Morgan c 1837 Boarder at Trevethin RG10/5334/?/10

 Garndiffaith, Monmouthshire

 Matthew Jones Head Mar 57 Iron Miner Penrose Mon

 Margaret Jones Wife Mar 60 Llanbaddock Mon

 Wm Morgan Boarder Unm 33 Iron Miner Glascoed Mon

 Joseph Jones Son Unm 22 Iron Miner Trevethin Mon

 Edward Ellis Jones Grand Son Unm 7 Scholar Trevethin Mon


William Morgan c 1850 at Holmer, Herefordshire RG10/2694/68/7

 Near Waggon Works, Holmer, Herefordshire

 Phillip Owen Head Mar 27 Laborer Newent Glostershire

 Julia Owen Wife Mar 21 Holmer Herefordshire

 Thos Lewis Lodger Unm 22 Engine cleaner Hay Breconshire

 William Morgan Lodger Unm 20 Locomotive Foreman Glascoed Monmouthshire

James and Ann Parry. Son Thomas later farmed Glascoed Vach and Clearwell. Son James married Emily Anne Arnold, dau of Richard Arnold and Eliz nee Williams of Upper Twyn. RG10/5335/92/2

White House, Little Mill, Monmouthshire

James Parry Head Mar 50  Hay Dealer Llanvair Kilgeddin Mon

Ann Parry Wife Mar  47  Llanarth Mon

Tom Parry Son  17   Usk Mon

Ann Parry Daur   15  Usk Mon

Mary Parry Daur   13  Usk Mon

William Parry Son  10   Usk Mon

James Parry Son  2   Mamhilad Mon

Thomas Jesse Pitt, born 1864 to John and Sarah Pitt of Panta House and Rose Cottage

 Gwaunyrallt, Hengoed, Glamorgan

 Thomas Davies Head Married 55 Blacksmith Llanelly Breconshire

  Ann Davies Wife Married 52 Carmarthen C'shire

  Thomas Pitt Nephew 6 Scholar Glasgoed Monmouthshire

 William Griffiths Boarder Widower 60 Coal miner Carmarthen C'shire

Emily Ann Powell c 1853 with Uncle Wm Baylis and family RG10/5305/?/10

 Pentrewillan, Raglan, Monmouthshire

 William Baylis Head Mar 48 Ag Lab Raglan Monmouth

 John Baylis Son Unm 14 Raglan Monmouth

 Sophia Baylis Daur 11 Raglan Monmouth

 Emily Ann Powell Neice Unm 17 Glascoed Monmouth

John and Ann Richards of Pergoed with children including two Glascoed births at Deri, nr Gelligaer, Glamorgan RG10/5389/7/3?

 Deri, Ysgwyddgwyn, Glamorgan

 John Richards Head Mar 43 Coal miner Llangu Monmouth

 Ann Richards Wife Mar 42 Cludduck Hereford

 William Price Son Unm 19 Haulier in a Coal mine Trefetherne Monmouth

 Frederick Richards Son Unm 12 Scholar Glascoed Monmouth

 Edmund Richards Son Unm 9 Scholar Glascoed Monmouth

 James Richards Son Unm 6 Scholar Gellygare Glamorgan

 Mary Richards Daur Unm 4 Scholar Gellygare Glamorgan

 Sarah A Richards Daur Unm 11 mo Scholar Gellygare Glamorgan

 Abraham Richards Son Unm 11 mo Scholar Gellygare Glamorgan

 Emma Rogers Serv Unm 21 General Servant Trevetherne Monmouth

Ann c 1838 with hub John Roberts and brother in law John Vincent living in Trevethin. RG10/5331/?/6

 Winning Horse Inn, Market Street, Pontypool, Trevethin

 John Vincent Head Mar 34 Innkeeper Millbourne Dorset

  Harriet Vincent Wife Mar 44 Bristol Gloster

  Rebecca C Vincent Daur Unmar 14 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  Harriet C Vincent Daur Unmar 12 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  Alice Vincent Daur Unmar 10 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  Elizabeth Vincent Daur Unmar 8 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  Martha Vincent Daur Unmar 6 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  Harriet Andrews Governess Unmar 19 Governess St. Marys Notts

  Rosannah Rogers Servant Unmar 29 Domestic Servt St. Georges Gloster

  Jane Haskins Servant Unmar 19 General Servt Croespenmain Mon

  Sarah Collier Servant Unmar 17 General Servt Cwmbran Mon

  Henry Jones Lodger Unmar 27 Carpenter Bevington Hereford

  John Roberts Brother in law Mar 39 Commercial Traveller Trevethin Mon

  Ann Roberts Sister in law Mar 32 Glascoed Mon

  Tom Lilwall Boarder Unm 24 Commercial Traveller Hay Brecon

Hannah Roberts c 1864 with father and stepmother RG10/5335/97/6

 Crosnypant, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 George Roberts Head Mar 37 Lab Llandenny Mon

 Jane Roberts Wife Mar 40 Monkswood Mon

 William Roberts Son 16? Scholar Llanbaddock Mon

 Mary J. Roberts Daur 12 Llanbaddock Mon

 Ruth Roberts Daur 10 Goytre Mon

 Hannah Roberts Daur 6 Glascoed Mon

 John Parker Step Son 14 Monkswood Mon

 Hannah M. Parker Step Daur 9 Goytre Mon

Mary c 1816 marr name Roberts with children surnamed Williams and Roberts RG10/5332/?/10

 Pontnewynydd, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 Mary Roberts Head W 54 Glasceod Mon

 John Williams Son Unm 26 Labourer Glascoed Mon

 Sarah A Roberts Daur Unm 19 Glascoed Mon

 Mary Roberts Daur Unm 16 Domestic Servt Glascoed Mon

 Louisa Roberts Daur 11 Scholar Trevethin Mon

 Matthew Roberts Grand Son 1 Mo Pontnewynydd Mon

Mary Roberts c 1854, a servant at Llangibby RG10/5337/?/16

 Ton Farm, Llangibby, Monmouthshire

 James Morgan Head Mar 56 Farmer of 120 acres Llanllowell Mon

 Margaret Morgan Wife Mar 59 Llangovan Mon

 Ann Morgan Daur W 32 Llanllowell Mon

 Mary Morgan Daur Unm 22 Farmers Daur Trevethin Mon

 James R. Morgan Grandson 11 Scholar Llanvrechva Lower Mon

 Mary Roberts Serv 16 General Servant Glascoed Mon

 John Labon Serv 28 Farm Servant Devauden Mon

 George Harrhy Serv 21 Farm Servant Shirenewton Mon

Mary Ann c 1822 marr name Roberts, a widow at Llanover with family RG10/5312/?/6

 "Crosskeys", 22 Queen Street, Blaenavon, Llanover, Monmouthshire

 Mary Ann Roberts Head Widow 48 Innkeeper Glascoed Monmouths

 Elizabeth Roberts Daur Unm 14 Blaenavon Monmouths

 William Roberts Son Unm 9 Blaenavon Monmouths

 Mary Ann Roberts Daur Unm 5 Blaenavon Monmouths

Mary A c 1838 wife of Edward Roberts with family at Newport RG10/5346/90/37

 26 Mill Parade, Newport, Monmouthshire

 Edward Roberts Head Mar 34 Locomotive Engine Driver Bedwas Monmouthsh

 Mary A Roberts Wife Mar 32 Glascoed Monmouthsh

 Willie Roberts Son 3 Bassalleg Monmouthsh

 Emily Roberts Daur 1 Bassalleg Monmouthsh

Ann Roderick? c 1849 at Llantarnam. Writing very unclear on this one. RG5351/?/8

 Rose & Crown, Llantarnam, Monmouthshire

 Robert Sawtell? Head Mar 38 Inn Keeper Poulton Somersetshire

 Catherin Sawtell? Wife Mar 37 Domestic Poulton Somersetshire

 Charles Sawtell? Son 8 Blaina Monmouthshire

 Elizabeth Sawtell? Daur 6 Cwm Bran Monmouthshire

 Benjamin Sawtell? Son 4 Cwm Bran Monmouthshire

 James Sawtell? Son 5 m Cwm Bran Monmouthshire

 Ann Roderik? Serv Unm 21 Domestic Servant Glaescoed Monmouthshire

Francis Rowlands c 1838 and family at Crosnypant, Mamhilad RG10/5335/97/5

 Crosnypant, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 Francis Rowlands Head Mar 32 Lab Glascoed Mon

 Catherine Rowlands Wife Mar 31 Abercarn Mon

 Mary A Rowlands Daur 5 Mamhilad Mon

 William Rowlands Son 3 Mamhilad Mon

 Francis Rowlands Son 1 Mamhilad Mon

Temperance nee Rowlands c 1846 with new husband James Howells and son Windom at Trostrey  RG10/5338/?/8

 Cottage, Trostrey, Monmouthshire

 James Howells Head Mar 27 Labourer Llangiview Monmouthshire

 Temperance Howells Wife Mar 24 Domestic Duties Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Windom Howells Son Unm 2 Nil Gwehellog Monmouthshire

William Rowlands c 1841 and family, next door to brother at Mamhilad RG10/5335/97/5 & 6

 Crosnypant, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

William Rowlands Head Mar 29 Lab Glascoed Mon

 Elizabeth Rowlands Wife Mar 29 Denbyshire

 David Rowlands Son 4 Mamhilad Mon

 William Rowlands Son 2 Mamhilad Mon