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Monmouthshire Merlin 1856

Saturday June 21 1856


Before J. Firmstone and C. H. Williams, Esqrs.

Elizabeth Lewis v, Henry Morgan.—Mr. Owen appeared for the applicant, and Mr. A. Edwards for the defendant. Applicant lives at Garndiffaith. In July. 1855, she went to live as servant to defendant's mother, at Glascoed. She was in that service three months. The child was born in May last.—Ann Williams, the applicant's sister, said she went to defendant to ask him for some money, and he said she was not to go to his mother; he had no money then, but he would see her the next day and give her some. Defendant stoutly denied the statement, but the witness as stoutly affirmed its truth. The defendant was sworn, at his own request, and he said be told Ann Williams it was nothing to him that Lewis was in the family way; he had no money, and he could not think of giving her any, as the child was not his.—The Bench ordered defendant to pay 2s. 6d. per week, and 10s. for the midwife.

(Henry Morgan lived at Middle/ Litte Wernhir in Glascoed. He was later found to have fathered another child out of wedlock, with Emmyra Davies).

Saturday October 18 1856.


WEDNESDAY. The court opened at nine o’clock.

CHARGE OF ATTEMPT AT BEASTIALITY.- James Davies was charged with committing an attempt at beastiality, at Glascoed, on the 1st inst., but was acquitted.