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Saturday 12 April 1856

PETTY SESSIONS, April 4th, 1856.—Present: Iltyd Nicholl, G. R. G. Relph and S. Churchill, Esqrs The following Overseers were appointed for the ensuing year:— GLASCOED-Elizabeth Morgan and James Jenkins.

Saturday 26 April 1856.



Petty Sessions, April 18th, 1856.

Before :-G. R. G. Relph and S. Churchill, Esqrs.

The Constables appointed on the 4th, for the several parishes in the Usk district, were duly sworn into office.

The following Surveyors were appointed for the year:— Gwehelog- Deferred. Gwernesney—John Williams. Glascoed-Roger Williams. Kemeys Commander-Edward Price. Llanllowell-Samuel Churchill. Llantrissent—James Williams, Church farm. Llanbaddock—Herbert Morgan and Thomas Lewis. Monkswood—John Howell and David Roberts. Trostrey—Thomas Howells and Mrs. Williams. Usk-Richard Roberts and William Phillips. Llangeview—John Haycox and Henry Williams, Llangwm Ucha—Nehemiah Lewis and Thomas Rowland. Llangwm Isha—John Bailey.

Saturday 10 May 1856

ASSAULT.-William Herbert, a lad about 15, was charged with assaulting Thos. Lewis, and pulling a stake out of the hedge, and otherwise destroying the hedge, in the hamlet of Glascoed.- Ordered to pay 5s. 6d. Costs.

Saturday June 21 1856


AFFILIATION.—Henry Morgan was charged by Elizabeth Lewis with being the father of her child. The complainant lived in service with defendant's mother, at the Glascoed, for about three months, from July to October, 1855. Mr. Owen appeared for complainant, and Mr. A. Edwards for defendant. The parties are first cousins, and complainant had had a child about 6 years previously.—Ordered to pay 10s. for midwife, and 2s. 6d. per week.

Saturday August 16 1856

GLASCOED.—Julia Regan v. Henry Crump—claim £ 1 18 9d., for wages as servant. The plaintiff stated that she

was dismissed without notice-asked leave to go to Newport one night and return next morning, did not return until the next evening, when she returned Mrs. Crump told her to be off. Mrs. Crump said she hired the plaintiff at £6 5s. per year-she asked me permission to go to Newport, I said she should not, or she should not come back—I lent her 1s. before she asked me to let her go to Newport-there was nothing said about coming back-I said if she went she should not come back. Mary A. Williams, nursemaid to Mrs. Crump, heard the servant ask Mrs. Crump to let her go to Newport, who refused to allow her- plaintiff said she would go- Mrs Crump said if she did she may stop.—Judgment for wages up to the day she left, with set off 7s. for potatoes and 4s. for shawl—to pay 2s. 1Od. forthwith.

Saturday 13 September 1856

QUARRELSOME NEIGHBOURS.— Caroline Meredith, of Glascoed, was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Jones, of the same hamlet, by striking and kicking her in a violent manner, and tearing her clothes and hair. The defendant admitted the assault, but said the complainant first cut her hedge down, and beat her children, as well as threw stones, which struck the defendant violent blows. The complainant gave a very different version of the matter. Several neighbours appeared as partizans on either side, but from the knowledge of the bench the defendant was a very quarrelsome woman, and the complainant had an aggravating tongue. The disturbances and offences committed by the defendant and her husband were a great annoyance to that part of the country. Mr. Relph said the magistrates had given the case their consideration, and they did not consider the provocation at all justified the violent assault that had been committed, and the decision was that the defendant be bound over to keep the peace for 12 months—her husband to become surety in £5, and pay 8s. fine and 8s. costs. The bench then admonished the complainant not to irritate or provoke defendant with her tongue, if she did, and was brought before the bench again, she would be put under the peace. A month was allowed to pay the fine and costs, and if not paid by that time, the defendant to be imprisoned for 14 days

Saturday 11 October 1856.



USK PETTY SESSIONS. Town Hall, Monday-before G. R. G. Relph, and F. Mf-Donnell, Esq.

GLASCOED.—James Davies, was charged by a man named Connock with beastiality, in the hamlet of Glascoed. Remanded.

Saturday 18 October 1856.



THE Court opened at Twelve o'clock, when the following Magistrates took their seats:-

Samuel Richard Bosanquet, Esq., Chairman.

Sir Charles Morgan, G. R. G. Relph, Esq. Octavius Morgan, Esq., M. P., George Cave, Esq. Colonel Somerset, M. P. Rev. C. A. Williams. Colonel Clifford, M. P. John James, jun., Esq. Sir Thomas Phillips. E. M. Curre, Esq. W. A. Williams, Esq. Capt. James Davies. Rev.-R. Williams. W. Æ. Seys, Esq. Thomas Gratrex, Esq. Fenton Hort, Esq. Capt. Homfray C. H. Williams, Esq. Francis M'Donnell, Esq. Rev. Chancellor Williams. Thomas Fothergill, Esq. Samuel Churchill, Esq. Thomas Wakeman, Esq. John E. W. Rolls, Esq. Iltyd Nicholl, Esq. C. C. Williams, Esq. John Arthur Herbert, Esq. Rev. Thomas Pope. Rev. W. Evans.

Communications from the Secretary of State were read relative to the Table of Fees to be taken by Magistrate's Clerks. The orders of last sessions were read.


GLASCOED. BEASTIALITY.—James Davies, 40, wheelwright, was indicted for an attempt at beastiality, at Glascoed, on the 1st of October, inst. Acquitted.

Saturday 6 December 1856.

TOWN HALL, USK, Friday-Before G. R. G. Relph, and S. Churchill, Esquires, and the Rev. W. Evans.

AFFILIATION.-Eliza Davies, Glascoed, v. Solomon Evans, Raglan, for the support of her illegitimate child.—Adjourned.

Saturday 13 December 1856.



FORTY-EIGHT SHEEP WORRIED AND KILLED BY DOGS.- SERIOUS Loss.-Mr. Gething, of the Rhadyr farm, has sustained a very heavy loss, by having 30 fine sheep killed and mangled by dogs. On Saturday morning last, 14 of the sheep were discovered dead in the fields, on the farm, besides which, 14 others were so mangled that they afterwards died. Several others are much injured. Among the number killed was a fine ram, which Mr. Gething had lately purchased for £13. On the Sunday previously 14 sheep were destroyed belonging to Mr. Thomas Lewis, of Glascoed. and 6 belonging to Mr. Williams of Monkswood, and the same two dogs are supposed to have made this wholesale slaughter. One of them is said to belong to Mrs. Morgan, of Upper Wernhere, an adjoining farm, and the other to Mr. William Williams, of Cwmare.

Saturday 20 December 1856.



Friday-Before G. R. G. Relph, and S. Churchill, Esquires.

AFFILIATION.-Solomon Evans was charged by Eliza Davies, of the hamlet of Glascoed, with being the father of her child. This was an adjourned case. During the previous examination, the defendant swore positively, he had not been in the plaintiff's company and that nothing improper had ever passed between them, but he now admitted the charge. The plaintiff brought evidence to prove that she had been in his company at the White Lion, Usk. at a public house at Caerleon where they sat up all night by themselves, and on various other occasions. The defendant received a severe reprimand from the magistrates, who felt inclined to commit him for perjury, but on his expressing contrition, he was ordered to pay 28s. expences and 1s. 6d. per week, together with £ 2 8s. for 32 weeks in arrear.