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Simeon H.H. Warder: War Record

Simeon Henry Harris Warder – 1910-1983

Royal Navy Service Record from 1925 to 1945

  Entered under training, aged 14yrs 6mths, on 25/04/1925

  Posted to shore training establishment at Devonport - HMS Impregnable - 24/11/1925 as Boy Sailor Class II

 Promoted to Boy Sailor Class I - 30/07/1926

  Posted to town class light cruiser - HMS Lowestoft - 23/11/1926   (6" guns) - look down list for HMS Lowestoft

Promoted to Ordinary Seaman - 09/09/1928 (18th birthday) - 12yr engagement

 Posted to shore training establishment at Devonport - HMS Vivid (i.2) - 11/09/1929

Promoted to Able Seaman - 09/03/1930

 Posted to shore training establishment at Devonport - HMS Vivid (i.3) - 15/03/1930

 Posted to Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship - HMS Malaya - 26/04/1930   (15" guns) - this is the WW2 diary

 Posted to shore training establishment at Devonport - HMS Vivid (i) - 07/01/1933

 Posted to York Class Heavy Cruiser - HMS Exeter - 31/10/1933   (8" guns)

War declared against Germany - 03/09/1939 - HMS Exeter takes position in South Atlantic Ocean

Present at Battle of the River Plate on HMS Exeter - 13/12/1939

Post battle HMS Exeter later returns to UK, via Falkland Isles, for major repairs and refit

Post battle Sim injures his knee during the clearup and on return to UK is sent to Scotland for treatment

 Posted to shore training establishment at Devonport - HMS Drake (i) - 07/03/1940

 Posted to newly commissioned Crown Colony Class Light Cruiser - HMS Kenya - 28/08/1940   (6" guns)

 Note: 300 men from HMS Exeter's company were detached to serve on HMS Kenya

 HMS Kenya returning from mine laying operations in Denmark Strait was struck by destroyer HMS Brighton in thick fog - 25/06/1941

 Family Anecdote - as a result of the HMS Kenya & HMS Brighton collision Sim ended up in the sea and was eventually picked up

 Promoted to Acting Leading Seaman - 18/08/1941

 Posted to training establishment at Devonport - HMS Drake (i) - 12/01/1943

 Posted to shore establishment at Port Edgar (Minesweeper Base) in Midlothian - HMS Lochinvar -16/05/1943

 Posted to shore establishment at Port Edgar (Combined Ops Base) in Midlothian – HMS Hopetoun – 01/10/1943

 Posted to Black Swan Class Sloop – HMS Erne – 15/12/1943

 Posted to shore establishment at Londonderry (Convoy Escort Base) – HMS Ferret (Base 4) – 16/01/1944

 Posted to training establishment at Devonport – HMS Drake (i) – 24/01/1944

 Posted to F Class Destroyer – HMS Fame – 26/04/1944

Sinking of U767 type VIIC Submarine – 18/06/1944 – SW of Guernsey

  Posted to training establishment at Devonport – HMS Drake (i) – 11/01/1945

  Posted to Danae Class Light Cruiser – HMS Diomede – 05/07/1945

  Released from service – HMS Diomede – 02/11/1945


Naval Service Medals

 1939 - 1945 Star

 Atlantic Star

 Africa Star

 France & Germany Ribbon

 War Medal


General Notes

It is clear from the war diaries of the vessels Sim served on that he saw service in all of the main theatres of war in the western hemisphere...

South Atlantic








Naval War Diaries

There are some notable events he was in action...

The Battle of the River Plate, South Atlantic

The Sinking of the Bismarck, North Atlantic

Malta relief convoy Operation Halberd, Mediterranean

Sinking of German supply ship Kota Pinang, North Atlantic

Russian Convoy PQ3, Arctic

Bombardment of Vardo and Hornoy islands, Norway

Commando raid on Lofoten islands, Norway

Operation Archery landings at Vaagso and Malloy, Norway

Russian Convoy QP15 and return Convoy QP11, Arctic

Gibraltar Convoy WS19Z, Mediterranean

Malta Convoy GM4 Force W, Mediterranean

Malta Convoy Operation Pedestal, Mediterranean

Malta Convoy WS21S and sinking of HMS Eagle, Mediterranean

Support of Normandy landings, France

Sinking of Submarine U767, Guernsey