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5 Groveside Villas

St Luke’s Road


Aug 4th

love to Bron + when is his Birthday


Dear Earn

 Just a few lines which I hope will find you much better than when you started I was very Pleased to get your letter + to hear you had such a comfortable Plaace - + I hope Mrs Cadle + Tony is enjoying themselves too and last But not least Poor old Bron I expect he has done a lot of diging and Building before now - + I hope your leg is Strenthing I am pleased to say that I am a little stronger + my stomach a little better Tempered But only small quantitys it is willing to take But I feel there must be a improvement well there is lots of news that I would like to tell but cant this time we seem to have had a lot of exicement Since you have gone

Give my Love to Mrs Cadle + I hope she is enjoying herself

So close with love to all


Your affectionately



The people in this letter are:

“Mam” – Mary Ann Pitt (nee Williams – brought up as Mary Ann Arnold). Born 1st March 1857 at Beech Farm, Glascoed – daughter of Elizabeth Williams

“Earn” – Alfred Ernest Pitt “Ernie Pitt” – son of Mary Ann and Henry James Pitt son - born 1897 at Pontypool. He became History Master at Abersychan Grammar School and later the first Head teacher of Grofield Secondary Modern School at Abergavenny. 

“Bron” – Auberon Michael James Pitt - Ernie’s son – born 1929 at Newport – mother was Hilda Mary Jenkins. 

 “Tony” – Anthony Geoffrey Pitt – Ernie’s son and my father! – Born Jan 12th 1934 at Gold Tops, Newport – Hilda his mother died in childbirth 2 days after Tony was born. 

Ernie employed “Mrs Cadle” - Cerrie Cadle – as a housekeeper shortly after the death of Hilda to bring up the boys and look after the house. They married in 1936 and had a third son, Arnold Pitt a couple of years later.  

I have kept the spelling and (complete lack of!) punctuation from the original letter.

Letter from Mary Ann Arnold to her son, Ernie Pitt. Aug 1934.