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The Edwards family

The Edwards family lived at a property called Pentwyn and then from the 1871 census, “Cherry Orchard”. I suspect that these were one and the same properties. See the house history for more detail.

This Edwards family is descended from a shoemaker, James Edwards, and his wife Ann (nee Jones). They seem to be a proper Glascoed family, since Ann was born in Glascoed in 1781. I’m not sure where James was actually born, but they married at the parish church that served Glascoed in 1803.

A branch of the Edwards family stayed at Cherry Orchard right through the census years - starting with James as head of household in 1841, followed by Ann until her death in 1857. Thomas, their son, continued in residence until his son James took over the tenancy either shortly before or after his death in 1883 (Thomasburial register entry indicates that he lived at “The Cwm, Glascoed”), although he had been Head of the Household in 1881. Thomas and his wife Maria’s son, James married Florence Davies Morgan in late 1883 and they were still at Cherry Orchard in 1911 on census night.

I have constructed individual pages for James Edwards (c. 1780-1843), his wife Ann Jones his son Thomas (c. 1815 to 1883) and Thomas’ wife Maria (c. 1817-1862).

James Edwards 1780 Ann Jones 1781 Thomas Edwards 1815 Maria (Edwards) 1817