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Gloucester Citizen

Thursday 6th October 1881


At the Usk county-court, (before Judge Herbert), an action brought by Eliza Davies, living at Glascoed, near Usk, against William Morgan Williams, of Goytrey was heard. The defendant in this action was the person who, about two months ago, was admitted into the Bristol Infirmary suffering from frightful injuries to his head, caused in a fracas at Goytrey, which arose concerning the ownership of a horse. The proceedings arose out of those circumstances and Mrs. Davies claimed £27 damages for the detention of a horse. The complainant said that on the 5th of April. she sold the horse in question to Williams for £25, defendant agreeing to pay for the animal by instalments of £5 each. Defendant took the horse away, but never paid any money, and in nine weeks’ time she sent her son to fetch the horse back again. After the horse had been back about a week the defendant went one night and took it out of the stable, and he still retained possession of it. Defendant’s statement went to show that he bought the horse in question of complainant’s son for £25, and that Mrs. Davies was perfectly aware of the transaction, for when he went to fetch the horse away she called him on one side, and asked him to let her son have as much money at the time as he could for the horse, because he was a young beginner. Defendant had paid him several sums, and there was about £5 still due. His Honour suggested that the solicitors on each side might come to an arrangement in the matter. A conference took place, and eventually it was agreed to withdraw this action, and also two other actions pending between the parties, one of which Mr. Gardner had entered in the superior court for the assault on Williams.

Webmaster Note: See the original case as reported in the County Observer here and here.