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Hilda May Harris

Hilda was the daughter of Rosanna (in some sources “Rosa”) Hammal Harris and later the adopted daughter of George Henry Hickman (born in 1876 in the Wirral) after Rosanna married Mr Hickman in Newport in 1897. Hilda was born on 28 May 1890 at Undy, Mon.

She married Frederick Henry Warder at Undy Parish Church on 23rd November 1909. They came to live at Cwm Soar, Glascoed for a time shortly after their marriage.

Hilda and Frederick had four children, the first of whom, Simeon Henry Harris Warder was born in 1910 at Cwm Soar Farm.

The other three children were born at Undy, Robert William Warder (1913-1914), Matilda Eugenie Warder (1916-1994) and Myra Rosalind Warder (born 1928). Robert was born at Mill Common Farm in Undy on 29th Aug 1913, and the family was still there when he died on 23rd Feb 1914. By the time of Matilda’s birth on 28th February 1916, the family had moved to “The Moorlands” in Undy. This was the address where Hilda’s mother Rosanna died, so I would imagine that they must have either inherited the house by this stage, moved in with the consent of other relatives or moved in with some extended family.

Frederick was a Farmer/ Grazier according to his marriage and census records, certainly while living at Cwm Soar Farm in 1911. By the time he moved to Undy, his occupation had changed to “Coal miner.”

Frederick died on 30th March 1946 at “The Moorlands”. Hilda survived him by decades and lived to the grand age of 90, until her death on 6th Nov 1980 at Crick, near Caldicot.

Many thanks to a grandson of Hilda Warder for passing on to me the lion’s share of this information. His web site “South Monmouthshire families” is well worth a look.

Hilda Warder (nee Harris) - taken sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's at her home "The Moorlands", Undy

Both Frederick Henry Warder and her eldest son, Simeon Henry Harris Warder have their own pages (just click on their names to link to them).


Census - 1911