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Monmouthshire Merlin 1858

Saturday July 24 1858

WELSH WESLEYAN TEA MEETING.—The friends and members of this society numbering about 500, sat down to tea in the chapel on Monday last, when having partaken of such cheering and invigorating comforts as the tables afforded, an adjournment was made to the British school, when the friends commenced the more intellectual part of the business. Mr. Ellis, house agent, was called to the chair, and stated that the object for which a tea meeting had been held was the liquidation of the debt on the chapel, and he was happy to find that the exertions of the friends had been crowned with such signal success. Addresses were delivered by Mr. Morgan, minister of the chapel, Mr. John Morgan, scripture reader, Mr. Rees Rees, Glascoed, Mr. Morgan, Tabernacle, and other friends. Mr. Rees Rees had a piece of information he felt desirous of communicating to his friends before parting, which was that the roof of the old chapel at Glascoed was likely to come off, and he did not know what to do to obtain a new one unless it would be advisable to have a tea party for that purpose. He trusted the scheme would meet with encouragement in the proper quarter. Mr. Smith, in acknowledging a vote of thanks rendered to him for the use of the school-room, said it would afford him great pleasure to be enabled, to accommodate his friends at any time. Votes of thanks were rendered to the ladies for providing tea, and to the chairman for his excellent services, after which the assemblage separated.