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Twyn y Gyvir

John Williams~50~~Ag Lab~YES~

Ann Williams~~50~Ag Lab~YES~


Richard Morgan~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Morgan~ ~20~ ~YES~

James Morgan~5~ ~ ~YES~

Mary Morgan~ ~4~ ~YES~

Maria Morgan~ ~6 m~ ~YES~

Maria Morris~ ~40~F S~YES~

Johanna Morris~ ~40~F S~YES~

Upper Crwym

James Evans~30~~Blacksmith~YES~

Hannah Evans~~30~~YES~

William Evans~10~~~YES~

James Evans~8~~~YES~

John Evans~6~~~YES~

Thomas Edwards~40~~Ag Lab~YES~

Pen Twyn

James Edwards~60~ ~Shoe m~YES~

Ann Edwards~ ~60~ ~YES~

Thomas Edwards~20~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Ann Edwards~ ~15~ ~YES~


Rachel Lewis~~60~Ind~YES~

Charles Lewis~20~~Farmer~YES~

William Lewis~40~~Farmer~YES~

Job Lewis~15~~Ag Lab~YES~

Little Wernhir

Charles Morgan~40~ ~Farmer~YES~

Elizabeth Morgan~ ~40~ ~YES~

Henry Morgan~10~ ~ ~YES~

Lower Wernhir

Daniel Roberts~40~~Farmer~YES~

Sarah Roberts~~20~~YES~

William Roberts~4~~~YES~

Marian Roberts~~7~~YES~

Sarah Roberts~~1~~YES~

Edwin Roberts~10~~~YES~

Henry Watkins~20~~Ag Lab~YES~

Henry Evans~20~~M S~YES~

Maria Jenkins~~15~F S~YES~

Ann Matthews~~10~F S~YES~

Cross House

Robert George~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Diana George~ ~30~ ~YES~

Margaret George~ ~5~ ~YES~

Smith Shop

John Morgan~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Elizabeth Morgan~ ~70~ ~YES~

Not known

Mary Williams~~50~Ind~YES~

Not known

William Parry~50~ ~Farmer~YES~

Mary Parry~ ~30~ ~ ~

Henry Parry~15~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Leonard Parry~7~ ~ ~YES~

Marian Parry~ ~5~ ~YES~

Elizabeth Parry~ ~1~ ~YES~

Not known

William Morgan~50~~Farmer~YES~

Mary Francis~~80~~YES~

Twyn Crwn

John Jenkins~60~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Jenkins~ ~50~ ~YES~

Not known

Charles Parry~60~~Ag Lab~YES~

John Morgan~30~~Ag Lab~YES~

Charles Evans~15~~Ag Lab~YES~

Rachel Parry~~60~~YES~

Not known

Edward Morgan~30~ ~Farmer~YES~

James Morgan~25~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Edward Morgan~10~ ~ ~YES~

Charles Morgan~7~ ~ ~YES~

Elisha Morgan~9~ ~ ~YES~

Charlot Morgan~ ~70~Ag Lab~YES~

Not known

William Crocket~60~~Collier~YES~

James Jenkins~60~~Ag Lab~YES~

Elizabeth Jenkins~~50~F S~YES~


John~Jenkins~70~ ~Farmer~YES~

John Jenkins~40~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Jenkins~ ~70~ ~YES~

Charlot Jones~ ~15~F S~YES~

Twyn Mary Samuel

Phillip Lewis~25~~Ag Lab~YES~

James Meredith~25~~Ag Lab~YES~

Caroline Meredith~~30~F S~YES~

James Meredith~5~~~YES~

Panty Cuckoo

Edward Jones~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Elizabeth Jones~ ~30~ ~YES~

Mary Jones~ ~10~ ~YES~

James Jones~3~ ~ ~YES~

Lower House

Herbert Jenkins~30~~Ag Lab~YES~

Rachel Jenkins~~60~~YES~

Pen Twyn

John Andrew~70~ ~Ind~YES~

Thomas Hanbury~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Martha Andrew~ ~60~ ~YES~

Martha Hanbury~ ~25~ ~YES~

Joseph Hanbury~4~ ~ ~YES~

Leah Andrew~ ~20~F S~YES~

Ruth Andrew~ ~10~ ~YES~

Red House

John Hanbury~50~~Ag Lab~YES~

Grace Hanbury~~50~~YES~

Mount Pleasant

Thomas Lewis~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Thomas Harris~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Rachel ditto~ ~30~F S~YES~

Sarah ditto~ ~30~F S~YES~

Edwin ditto~2~ ~ ~YES~

Sarah ditto~ ~4 m~ ~YES~

NB, It is unclear here, whether the ditto refers to Lewis or Harris. In other families in the census, which could be verified by other data, the ditto has tended to mean that the person (in this case Rachel, Sarah, Edwin and Sarah) were ditto to the first named person in the family. I therefore now assume that their surname is Lewis, not Harris, which was my first assumption.

Spider Castle

Richard Hanbury~70~~Ag Lab~YES~

William Humphrys~30~~Ag Lab~YES~

Elizabeth Humphrys~~20~~YES~


This census was taken on the night of the 6th June 1841. While having some irritating omissions from what we find in later censuses, we find for the first time the record of all inhabitants of the village, not just those who pay tax (generally heads of households). The ages of adults are rounded up or down to the nearest 5 years (so a 28 year old would be recorded as “30”) and place of birth is recorded simply as “Born in the County (of Monmouthshire) or Not … those from other countries may be shown as being from Ireland, Scotland, etc. The 1841 enumerator had a strange method of sometimes putting the wife as last in a household (after the servants) and used the word “ditto” strangely! In some cases people I knew to be related to the head of household (same surname) from later censuses etc, were noted below the servants as surname “ditto”. I have put the correct surname where known (on the first transcription I had assumed that ditto meant copy the name directly above).

Place~Name~Age M~Age F~Profession~Born in County?~Country

3 Stiles

Lewis Lewis~60~ ~Farmer~YES~

Jane Lewis~ ~60~ ~YES~

Edmund Lewis~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Elizabeth Lewis~ ~20~Ag Lab~YES~

Lewis Lewis~10~ ~ ~YES~

John Lewis~10~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Red House

John Jayne~20~~Farmer~YES~

Morgan Jayne~~5 mths~~YES~

Leah Jayne~~2 yrs~~YES~

Jane Jayne~~15~F S~YES~

James Hanbury~15~~Ag Lab~YES~

John (not known) ~20~~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Jayne~~20~~YES~

Lower Trostra

John Lewis~40~ ~Farmer~YES~

Elizabeth Lewis~ ~50~ ~YES~

Daniel Lewis~30~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Solomon Syms~15~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Elizabeth Harris~ ~20~F S~YES~


James Jenkins~30~~Ind~YES~

Mary Arthyr~~40~~YES~

Susan Jenkins~~30~~YES~

Frances Jenkins~~30~~YES~

Thomas Arthur~10~~~YES~

Ann Jones~~20~F S~YES~

Ann Childress~~15~F S~YES~

David Morgan~30~~Ag Lab~YES~

David Williams~20~~Ag Lab~YES~

Leonard Jones~15~~M S~YES~


William Rowland~20~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Sarah Rowland~ ~30~ ~YES~

Mary Williams~ ~20~F S~YES~

Francis Rowland~3~ ~ ~ ~

William Rowland~12 wks~ ~ ~YES~


James Holloway~50~~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Holloway~~50~~YES~

William Forty~10~~M S~YES~

Edward ditto~30~~Ag Lab~YES~

James Morgan~30~~Ag Lab~YES~

Poplar Tree

John Jacob~60~ ~Publican~YES~

Margaret Jacob~ ~50~ ~YES~

Maria Jacob~ ~20~ ~YES~

Jonathan Jacob~20~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Isaac Baugh~10~ ~M S~YES~

Poplar Tree

Ann Jacob~~60~~YES~

Ann Jacob~~20~~YES~

Little Mase Mawr (ed. possibly Cwm Soar)

Louisa Powel~ ~40~Farmer~YES~

Ann Powel~ ~60~ ~YES~

Mase Mawr

Edward Lewis~~50~Farmer~YES~

Jane Lewis~~10~~YES~

John Arnold~15~~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Ann (no surname given) ~-~~20~F S~YES~

Beach Farm

Roger Williams~40~ ~Farmer~YES~

Ann Williams~ ~30~ ~YES~

James Williams~10~ ~ ~YES~

Mary Ann Williams~ ~8~ ~YES~

Jane Williams~ ~6~ ~YES~ (NB I am fairly certain that this is John Williams, though it is clearly transcribed as Jane (age given in female column of census)

Elizabeth Williams~ ~4~ ~YES~

Phillip Williams~2~ ~ ~YES~

John Williams~15~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Charles Williams~10~ ~M S~YES~

Rachel Rallings~ ~15~F S~YES~

Beach Farm

Richard Jenkins~50~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Upper Cwmhare

William Williams~20~~Ind~YES~

Elizabeth Williams~~50~~YES~

William Jones~10~~Ag Lab~YES~

William ditto~20~~M S~~

Lower Cwmhare

Ann Powel~ ~60~ Ind~YES~

Jesse Davis~30~ ~ Colliar~YES~

Eliza Davis~ ~30~ ~YES~

Emmire Davis~ ~6~ ~YES~

William Davis~4~ ~ ~YES~

John Davis~2~ ~ ~YES~

Gasecoed Vach

John Rosser~30~~Farmer~YES~

Ann Rosser~~30~~YES~

John Rosser~3~~~YES~

Richard Rosser~8 mths~~~YES~

William Williams~15~~Ag Lab~YES~

Diana Charles~~15~F S~YES~

New House

John Williams~40~ ~Farmer~YES~

Abram Williams~45~ ~Farmer~YES~

Joseph Thomas~15~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Richard Edwards~15~ ~M S~YES~

John Morris~10~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

James Thomas~8~ ~M S~YES~

William Williams~40~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

John Williams~40~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Daniel~ ~62~F S~YES~

Elizabeth Thomas~ ~15~F S~YES~

Elizabeth Williams~ ~10~F S~YES~

Ton Baal

Rowland Thomas~50~~Ag Lab~YES~

Elizabeth Thomas~~50~~YES~

Hill Farm

John Morgan~40~ ~Ind~YES~

Mary Morgan~ ~30~ ~YES~

John Arthur Morgan~8~ ~ ~YES~

William Morgan~4~ ~ ~YES~

Arthur Morgan~7 m~ ~ ~YES~

Jane Arthir~ ~20~ ~YES~

Isaac Jenkins~20~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Thomas Rhoderick~10~ ~M S~YES~

Elizabeth Pritchard~ ~15~F S~YES~


John Matthews~20~~Ag Lab~YES~

Mary Matthews~~20~~YES~

William Matthews~3 mths~~~YES~

Cwm House

John Holloway~50~ ~Ag Lab~YES~

Joan Holloway~ ~50~ ~YES~

Jane Holloway~ ~10~ ~YES~

Glascoed houses in Llanbaddock census district.

Upper Wernhir, Llanbaddock, Mon.

Richard Williams, 65, , Farmer, N

Mary Williams, , 55, , Y

Ann Williams, , 25, , N

Thomas Williams, 25, , , N

John Williams, 20, , , N

Sarah Williams, , 15, , N

John Jenkins, 13, , M S, Y