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William Williams (c. 1841)

William was born around 1841 at Beech Farm, Glascoed. His parents were Roger Williams and Ann (nee Morgan).

He was one of seven or eight children and while most stayed in or around Glascoed, William was different. In 1869 he emigrated to New Zealand, as evidenced by his gift of Fleetwood’s “Life of Christ” to his niece, Mary Ann Arnold.

Mary Ann obviously made the inscription on the cover pages after the event, since she wrote her married name “M.A. Pitt”. Here is what she wrote:


“As a keepsake”


“M.A. Pitt”

By her uncle

William Williams


his departure to

New Zealand





Censuses: 1851, 1861

Mary Ann Arnold’s copy of Fleetwood’s “Life of Christ” (1834).