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Monmouthshire Merlin

A weekly English language newspaper, established in 1829, circulating in Monmouthshire, Breconshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Glamorgan, which mainly published local and national news. In 1835 the newspaper's proprietor was Edward Dowling, which would latterly become the role of William Christopher.

Frequency: Weekly

Publisher: Published and printed in Monmouth by: Charles Hough (1829- ca.1835), by John Nash (ca.1835), Edward Dowling (ca.1835-1858) and William Christopher (ca.1858-1884).

Copyright: The copyright status or ownership of this resource is unknown.

Issue dates: 23 May 1829 – 26 December 1884 

This information was taken from the National Library of Wales’, Welsh Newspapers Online site, which is the place I went to before making my transcriptions for most of the quoted Monmouthshire Merlin articles. It’s a fabulous resource, which is highly commended.

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