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Wales, being Wales, there is more than one Williams family hailing from Glascoed.

Descendants of this Williams family were often known as “Williams, Beech Farm” - and they certainly played their part in inter-marrying with other Glascoed residents. In those days, who else were you going to meet other than the boy or girl “down the road” or even “next door”?

According to oral history, the Williams family were at Beech Farm for 150 years before leaving there (they left sometime between 1910 and 1920). Roger Williams was born at “Cwmbychan”, near Crickhowell, Breconshire in approx 1790, but it is always possible that his father or mother was a “Beech Farm” son or daughter who moved away for a period to work or farm in Breconshire.

There is a story, recounted both in the family (according to Glyn Williams and John Williams, Glenisca) and also repeated by a Morgan family from Prescoed Cottages, that one of the ancestors of the Beech Farm Williams’ was a sea captain, having his own vessel, who married a Zulu woman who was on board his ship for a time. According to this story, they had children together.

Henry Williams, son of Roger and later of The Bryn, Glascoed, was known as “The White Black Man” in the village, due to his appearance - dark curly hair - and he was a big man. Was this name due to Zulu roots, due to the story or merely a coincidence? I’d love to find out more - since Roger is my direct ancestor.

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